So Agent319 is my gaming and call sign. It all came after watching the new movie Hitman, based on the classic video game series.
I like graphic design and web design. I have quite the collection of fun Photoshop pieces I have done of a few years.
You can hit me up on Steam or send me a message there.
My real name is Bryan Door. I am a graphically inclined computer guy currenting in school for a job in a graphic or web job.
I enjoy doing anything to a computer, like fix things in it or changing some stuff inside to make it run faster and smoother.
My contact email is kitt2000vet.

This page will develop over time.

These are websites that I have created and maintain
for real organizations
Heritage CRC
Western Michigan YaTEC
Bultsma Construction
TEC of West Michigan
  These are links to some of my friend's websites.  
  Coven - F1tz - Redbull - m1sterb0b
GeeksNeverSleep - Louie Speaks!

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